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 320 X 240 dot display
 Epson LCD controller: SED1335F0A
 Toshiba LCD driver: T6A39 and T6A40
 Interface with 8-bit MPU (directly connected to 8080 or 6800 serial MPU)
Display Specificationd
 Display Mode: graphic, text and combination text-graphic mode
 Display Dot: 320 X 240
 Display type: STN and FSTN
 Display color-Display background color: Yellow-Green; Blue-Gray; Black-White
 Polarizer mode: Positive,Negative; Reflective , Transflective,Transmissive
 Viewing angle: 6:00 and 12:00
 Display duty: 1/240
 Driving bias: 1/16
 Memory and External Memory:
 160,5 X 7 pixel characters in internal mask-programmed character generator ROM
 32KB exteZArnal display RAM (static RAM)
Mechanical characteristics (Unit:mm)
 External dimension 170.7 X 106.4 X 11.3 for CCFL Backlight
170.7 X 106.4 X 11.3 for EL Backlight
170.7 X 106.4 X 11.3 for Side LED Backlight
 View area 122.0 X 92.0
 Dot size 0.3 X 0.3
 Dot pitch 0.33 X 0.33
Weight:160g for EL Backlight ;180g for Side LED Backlight; 200g for CCFL Backlight)
POWER: negative power +5V power