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UT300S Infrared thermometer

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UNI-T UT300S Infrared thermometer


The UT300S from UNI-T is an infrared thermometer that can measure the temperature of surfaces without having to touch it. With a deviation of only 2% this thermometer is very accurate and very affordable. The thermometer has an adjustable' emissivity' which makes it possible to compensate for the material being measured.

The meter can measure temperatures from -32°C to 400°C and has a measuring point-size ratio of 10:1. This means that at a distance of 10 meters, the thermometer performs a measurement over a surface with a diameter of 1 meter.

The meter's display is equipped with backlight, so you can also read off the screen in the dark. It is also possible to display and maintain Min and Max values during measurements. You can also switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit with just one touch of a button. The laser pointer can also be switched on or off if necessary.


Temperature measuring range

-32 °C to 400 °C

Measuring accuracy

± 2 °C or 2%

Repetition precision

< ±0.5 °C or 0.5%

Distance to spot size

10: 1



Response time

500 ms


Auto power off, Hold, Scan, Min, Max, laser off


Backlit LCD


153 mm x 108 mm x 40 mm