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 LM213XB is a 5.8 inch diagonal STN-LCD display screen product from HITACHI, without backlight, without touch screen. On the basis of latest version datasheet NA which was released out on , LM213XB supports display 256×64 with aspect ratio of >3:1 (W:H), whose pixels are arranged in Rectangle. As for mechanical detail, it features active area of 143.31(W)×35.79(H) mm, outline size of 184(W)×75(H)×12(D) mm, viewing area size of 149.6(W)×43.0(H) mm, net weight of 150g (Typ.). As a STN, Yellow/Green (Positive), Reflective LCM product, LM213XB can provides ., thus presenting a palette of Monochrome colors. This product have no backlight. LM213XB utilizes 8-bit parallel as it's signal inputting systerm, which connected by 20 pins Pad with power supply voltage of 5.0V (Typ.). For more latest product detail of LM213XB we strongly recommend that you should refer to datasheet listed on Panelook.com or contact with HITACHI.